CM Punk Admits He ‘Feels Like Trash’ After In-Ring Return

10 months ago by Liam Winnard

CM Punk Admits He ‘Feels Like Trash’ After In-Ring Return

CM Punk has seemed like a rather happy bloke since his AEW debut and wrestling return, but it sounds like it’s not all been smooth sailing.

Punk may be enjoying the fandom and the atmosphere, but speaking with The Wrap, he did say that getting back in the ring after all this time hasn’t been easy.

He said:

“Oh, I feel like trash, I’ll be honest. I’m 42 years old and I haven’t taken bumps in seven-plus years. I think there’s something to building up a callus, to something you do on a regular basis becoming easier because you do it on a regular basis.

“I think a lot of wrestlers are feeling this right now. The pandemic, when it shut everything down and it essentially killed house-show business – they’re not on the road, they’re not taking bumps Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday ‘ I think everybody kind of felt this awfulness of, ‘Oh man, I’m wrestling less-frequently than I used to, (but) it feels worse somehow’.”

So far in AEW, CM Punk has a 3-0 record with wins over Darby Allin, Powerhouse Hobbs and Daniel Garcia, and he’s set for a match against Matt Sydal on Rampage this coming Friday.

In the same interview, he said that he’s “here to stay”, and that working for AEW is the best experience he’s ever had in the wrestling business.

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