CM Punk Got Kevin Nash So Heated He Considered Going Off Script

7 months ago by Amanda Savage

CM Punk Got Kevin Nash So Heated He Considered Going Off Script WWE

CM Punk once pissed Kevin Nash off so badly that he seriously considered saying ‘f*** it’ and going into business for himself.

Speaking about the time that he was so irritated by CM Punk that he almost threw it all away, Kevin Nash dished some dirt on the latest edition of his Kliq This podcast.

After an angle in 2011 saw Nash cost CM Punk the WWE Championship at Summerslam, Nash was then confronted by Punk on an episode of Raw.

During the exchange, Punk said that his sister had text him saying that she “thought [Nash] was dead,” and the comment stuck with Nash.

Reflecting on the moment, Nash said:

“I have no verbiage. I’m told not to say anything,” Nash said. “As soon as he says that, I’m thinking to myself, ‘Ok, I cost you the world title, and you come down and you come through the curtain and you stand 250 feet away from me? Like you don’t come down and attack me? You verbally attack me?’

“I just thought to myself, after all these years in the business, that’s what you should do is be completely unprofessional, be a f***ing douchebag, never go in the Hall of Fame because you went into business for yourself. I was like , “F*** it, man, it’s only pro wrestling.'”

CM Punk and his flippant quips at the expense of his coworkers has made the news of late as continued reports emerge regarding drama backstage at AEW.

CM Punk reportedly went into business for himself on the last episode of AEW Dynamite, calling out Hangman Adam Page during an in-ring segment in a reportedly unplanned moment.

Hangman’s inability to respond to Punk’s seated challenge was explained on this week’s Being the Elite by having occurred while the former champ was trying to do training drills with Dark Order in advance of their opportunity at the AEW Trios Championships during their tournament match.

Transcription via Wrestling Inc.

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