CM Punk Comments On John Cena Parody At Full Gear

CM Punk Comments On John Cena Parody At Full Gear

CM Punk and Eddie Kingston had a battle at last night’s AEW Full Gear pay-per-view, which ended with Punk scoring the victory with a GTS.

An interesting takeaway was that, for the first time since his return, Punk found himself getting booed by the live crowd. Punk reacted in the only way he knew how, before hitting two shoulder blocks, a side slam and then teasing a Five Knuckle Shuffle, mocking John Cena’s infamous Five Moves of Doom.

Punk spoke about the match on the post-show media scrum, where he said that he likes to ‘f*ck with’ the fans and elicit different emotions out of the crowd.

Punk explained:

“I have one boss when I’m in the ring and I often like to say, ‘I have no boss when I’m in the ring,’ but the truth is it’s the people, and I listen to them. Sometimes I go with the flow and sometimes I take it places. Regardless of the seven-year gap, I’ve been doing this for a minute. To me, it’s fun just to fuck with people. That’s the whole juice for me. It’s getting different reactions and kind of getting to play with that. 16 years ago today we lost Eddie Guerrero and I just thought, ‘Man, I’m wrestling a dude tonight named Eddie, how great is it going to be when I hear them chanting for Eddie?’ In my head, I’m just going to be thinking about Eddie Guerrero. So, I get to play with emotions and stuff like that because I feel — They’re chanting for Eddie, I’ll go ahead and give them Three Amigos. Is that not what you want? I never expect to get booed or get cheered. I have a pretty good idea and what I think what I’m really excellent at is reading the room. Again, pulling back the curtain, it’s one of the reasons — Friday ago when me and Eddie did the promo in the ring, I didn’t want people to see me or him until tonight because I didn’t want to go and influence them, either way, more than we did. Let’s just let the chips lay where they are and Saturday we’ll go out there and see what’s what. That’s what we did.”

AEW President Tony Khan spoke about Punk getting booed during the match, comparing his situation to the one The Rock was in back at WrestleMania X-8 against Hulk Hogan.

transcription via Fightful

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