CM Punk Left Out Of WWE Backstage Plug During Raw

3 years ago by Wrestle Talk

CM Punk Left Out Of WWE Backstage Plug During Raw

Tomorrow night on WWE Backstage, former WWE Champion CM Punk will be appearing on the show. Punk’s current deal with FOX means that he doesn’t appear every week on the show, but every three/four weeks as a special analyst.

Despite being arguably the show’s biggest draw, WWE seemingly failed to promote the appearance of CM Punk on WWE Backstage during last night’s broadcast of Monday Night Raw.

This led some to speculate that Punk would not be appearing on the show as had been advertised previously. However, WWE on FOX has now confirmed that CM Punk will indeed be on the show.

While the reason for WWE decided against promoting Punk is not known, some have speculated that it is because of comments the former WWE star made last week towards The Miz.

Following 01/07 episode of WWE Backstage, WWE on FOX posted a video of special guest The Miz speaking to Renee Young about the show. Miz claimed that the show he was on was the best to date.

However, Young noted that she thought it was actually the first show when CM Punk shockingly returned to WWE TV. Miz took issue with this and clearly jokingly said “Oh, sorry I didn’t ‘change the culture.’”

CM Punk did not take too kindly to The Miz’s comment, and had the following to say to the SmackDown star in response:

“Go suck a blood money covered d**k in Saudi Arabia you f*****g dork.”

There is no word on if Punk is being punished for his comment by WWE or FOX, so make sure you stay tuned to for the latest on that.

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