CM Punk Names One Match He’s Very Proud Of

2 years ago by Tempest

CM Punk Names One Match He’s Very Proud Of

CM Punk had a lot of great matches during his wrestling career. From his five star matches and his numerous WWE Championship matches, he has a lot of matches to be proud of.

During a recent Twitter Q&A session Punk was asked what one match he was proud of. Punk gave a rather unexpected answer, naming a match he had with Chavo Guerrero Jr.. He said this match was Two out of Three Falls and the two went almost an hour.

Guerrero later responded to the tweet, saying they called everything in the ring that night. Here are the tweets:

CM Punk and Chavo Guerrero had a rivalry over the ECW Championship in 2008. Guerrero defeated Punk to win the title in January before ending their rivalry at No Way Out in February.

Punk would win Money in the Bank and be moved off the ECW brand shortly afterward.

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