CM Punk Admits He’s ‘On The Fence’ About AEW’s Rankings System

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

CM Punk Admits He’s ‘On The Fence’ About AEW’s Rankings System

CM Punk has admitted he is “on the fence” about the rankings and win/loss records system that is implemented by AEW.

The rankings system takes into account win/loss records and quality of opponent, so just because someone has a better win/loss record, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be above someone if the other person has beaten bigger names.

This can often lead to some confusion and criticism, and sometimes it’s even completely ignored when putting together title matches.

Speaking on Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions, Punk pointed out one issue with the rankings system is that most of the matches on people’s records actually happen on Dark and Elevation, which are watched by significantly fewer people than Dynamite and Rampage on TNT.

He said:

“I’m on the fence about it. I get it, but it’s hard to maintain simply because they have the YouTube shows, which the majority of the people’s records, their matches and stuff (happen on those shows). And it kind of reminds me of Goldberg in WCW where one Nitro he’d be like 10-0, and then the next Nitro he’d be like 25-0. And I’d be like, ‘Hold on a second, this guy wrestled twice a day for a week? What is going on?'”

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CM Punk has explained a few times that the rankings system is why it wouldn’t have made sense for him to instantly come in and, for example, work with Kenny Omega over the AEW World Title.

Punk also revealed some interesting advice he was taught by Eddie Guerrero during Oral Sessions, which you can read about at this link.

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