CM Punk Plans For New AEW Saturday Show Revealed?

2 months ago by Jamie Toolan

CM Punk Plans For New AEW Saturday Show Revealed? AEW

The biggest development in the over-eight-month CM Punk/AEW saga came yesterday when Fightful Select would report that plans were “tentatively” agreed between the two parties for Punk to return.

While Punk’s rumored return date was revealed in the report as June 21 in Chicago, as were details over potential meetings with Chris Jericho, one other interesting tidbit was that AEW’s roster could be set for a “soft” draft split, in order to keep separate people who had issues with others backstage, and of course Punk would be one of those people.

This rumored split of the roster would coincide with the much-rumoured new addition to AEW’s TV schedule on a Saturday evening, potentially titled AEW Collision based on a recent trademark filing.

Discussing the whole situation in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is Dave Meltzer who would potentially reveal AEW’s plans for Punk and the new Saturday broadcast.

Meltzer detailed:

The working idea was that the Saturday show would star Punk and that they would split crews to a large degree.

History does show that the splitting crews never lasts long, but in this case the idea is to ease the dressing room problems in the sense those who have not made up would be kept on different crews and wouldn’t have to interact with each other.

We’re not sure if it’s TBS or TNT, but if it’s TNT there will be a lot of sports preemptions and if it’s TBS there will be some.

It also means it goes head-to-head with major sports almost every week including UFC most weeks and UFC PPV shows 12-13 times a year, college football all fall, almost every major boxing show, every major sport at one time or another and WWE PPV shows nearly every month since WWE is trying to move its major events from Sundays to Saturdays as much as possible.

In terms of the show itself, perhaps surprisingly AEW may look to provide a show similar in length and star power to that of their premiere broadcast Dynamite.

Meltzer said:

“The original idea for the show was a two-hour show that would have equal the star power of the Wednesday show. Of course, until it’s announced nothing is official.”

While things seem to be heading in the right direction for a Punk AEW return, things are reportedly far from settled when it comes to backstage issues.

You can read the latest on that at this link.

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