CM Punk Reacts To WrestleMania Announcement

3 years ago by Nate

CM Punk Reacts To WrestleMania Announcement

CM Punk promised to speak his mind when he returned to WWE Backstage. We haven’t really seen him do much of that since appearing on the show.

However, after WrestleMania was announced to be moving to The Performance Center, CM Punk no longer remained voiceless.  He had this to say on Twitter:

His grammar could use some work, but we get the idea. Empty arena’s certainly would leave you to think there won’t be any boos for Roman or CM Punk chants.

However, Punk wasn’t so negative about all those participating at WrestleMania. He commented on Edge having his first match back and it not being in front of fans:

Of course, fans and fans and Twitter is Twitter, so someone had to take a shot at Punk. They said that he should be used to getting no reaction.  His response stated he wasn’t the one begging for a match.

Curious to know who is the person begging him for a match would be. Could it be Vince McMahon? Or another wrestler wanting to face him?

Let us know your thoughts who’s begging CM Punk on Twitter.


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