CM Punk Says AEW Should Focus On Itself And Stop Talking About WWE

CM Punk Says AEW Should Focus On Itself And Stop Talking About WWE

CM Punk has advised AEW to stop focusing on WWE and focus on its own product if it wants to keep its momentum going.

This past week on AEW: Dynamite, Cody made a very obvious reference to “the company we used to work for” in his promo, something Punk thinks needs to stop.

Speaking to Screen Rant, he said:

“Yeah. I think AEW needs to focus on themselves and stop talking about WWE. Cody and The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, Jon Moxley, all those guys have something great going on. I just think it lessens and cheapens what they are doing when they constantly attack WWE.

“There hasn’t been an alternative to WWE in so very long, and I think they do a disservice to themselves when they’re trying to be the alternative but constantly bring up WWE. But I understand, when people ask you the questions during the interviews you have to answer them. But that’s just part of life.

“You have to learn how to navigate that. I would like them to just try to focus on their product and building it up and making it better. I think that would benefit all the fans.”

It seems that any chances of Punk returning to WWE for now are over after it was reported that FOX is no longer interested in bringing him in.

5 years ago by Andy Datson


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