CM Punk Shoots On “S***” WWE Spot

3 years ago by Andy Datson

CM Punk Shoots On “S***” WWE Spot

CM Punk is outspoken. There, I said it.

If the former WWE Champion and now guest contributor on WWE Backstage has a thought, we’re more than likely going to hear about it, and for the most part I tend to agree with him.

His latest thought he felt was shareable was on a particular spot WWE likes to do, involving having a lot of people standing in one place so that a single person can jump onto them and they all fall over.

It’s a difficult one because yes, people don’t actually just stand very close together during a fight in case someone needs to be caught, but this isn’t real fighting.

While it’s not everyone’s favourite spot because it is very convoluted, it does often pop the crowd and it’s a far safer way to do it than just have the wrestler falling back first onto the outside of the ring with little or no cushioning.

What do you think about the spot? Should WWE stop doing it?

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