CM Punk Spotted For First Time Since AEW All Out Backstage Fight (Photo)

CM Punk Spotted For First Time Since AEW All Out Backstage Fight (Photo) AEW

CM Punk captured the AEW World Championship in the main event of AEW All Out on September 4, defeating Jon Moxley to become the champion for the second time.

Unfortunately for him, his reign was even more short lived than his first, as he vacated the title due to being suspended by the company following the events of the AEW All Out media scrum.

The last we saw of Punk publicly, he was eating muffins next to Tony Khan and ranting about AEW’s executive vice presidents, all while reportedly being injured following the Moxley match.

Well, a recent picture of CM Punk has emerged for the first time since All Out, confirming that he did suffer a triceps injury during his match, as his arm was in a brace.

Moxley became the first ever three time AEW World Champion at AEW Grand Slam, when he defeated Bryan Danielson in the final of the AEW Grand Slam Tournament of Champions.

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2 years ago by Connel Rumsey



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