CM Punk On Why He Feels WWE Run Was ‘Kind Of Wasted’

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

CM Punk On Why He Feels WWE Run Was ‘Kind Of Wasted’ AEW

CM Punk has shared his thoughts on his current AEW run, believing that he’s now in the prime of his wrestling career.

Punk is has a completely different role on today’s AEW roster than he did in WWE during his run with the company.

Speaking with ESPN, Punk admitted that he felt his time in WWE was somewhat wasted, but noted that AEW has met his expectations of what wrestling can be.

Arguing that he’s currently doing the best work of his career, Punk said:

“I feel like (WWE run) was kind of wasted. It could have been so much more. It should have been so much more. And now, this is everything I dreamed pro wrestling could and should be. And I’m here and I’m f—ing in the moment. I’m not thinking about tomorrow. I’m not worried about s— that happened yesterday. I’m living in the moment and I’m 100% in my f—ing prime, best I’ve ever been.”

Punk will challenge for Hangman Page’s AEW World Championship at Double or Nothing on Sunday. Check out the updated card for the pay-per-view right here.

The former WWE Champion has only lost one bout since signing with AEW last summer. Stay up to date with AEW win/loss records for 2022 using our tracker at this link.

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