Another WWE Star Threatens CM Punk With Drew McIntyre Suspended

Another WWE Star Threatens CM Punk With Drew McIntyre Suspended WWE

Tonight’s episode of WWE Raw started off with a recap of the events of Money in the Bank, including CM Punk attacking Drew McIntyre.

Effectively costing both McIntyre and Rollins their chances at winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from  Damian Priest, McIntyre would go on to be suspended due an outburst on the post-show.

Tonight, Punk called for production to remind fans of the post-show events where McIntyre rushed the panel and would eventually end up assaulting Raw GM Adam Pearce.

CM Punk noted that he was the bringer of consequences and certainly made a strong case for all the ways he has brought strife to Drew McIntyre thus far.

Punk shared that he was fined $25,000 for his interruption during Money in the Bank which he commented was a good use of the money.

Despite the fact that McIntyre is suspended, CM Punk called on Adam Pearce or someone to respond to his immediate request – bring back Drew McIntyre.

However instead he was met by Seth Rollins who walked to the ring with purpose while Punk temporarily fled to the commentary desk.

Punk would eventually be tempted back into the ring as the pair shared a contemptuous exchange.

Amongst other jabs, Rollins accused Punk of ‘gaslighting’ and described him as not being able to take accountability for his actions.

Going on to say that there are consequences for actions, Rollins was keen to remind CM Punk that he was not in fact, the center of the world.

Rollins took issue with the fact that, in costing Drew McIntyre a world title shot, he’d also cost Rollins as well.

Punk extended an apology that ended up not being much of one, prompting a threat from Seth Rollins.

Rollins told Punk:

“When you are cleared, you will not even be able to say the name Drew McIntyre before I snap your arm and put you back on the shelf.”

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