Cody Assures Fans He’s “Drug-Free” Following Impressive Muscle Gain

2 years ago by Andy Datson

Cody Assures Fans He’s “Drug-Free” Following Impressive Muscle Gain

Not only has AEW TNT Champion Cody got his surname back, but fans have noticed that the promotion’s Vice President has put on some serious muscle mass in recent weeks.

Cody, who is set to take on Darby Allin at AEW Full Gear this weekend, has been sent numerous compliments on social media regarding his new physique, and he’s now replied, assuring fans it’s all natural.

A wise move from Cody, as some fans have of coursed voiced suspicions, as always happens when a wrestler puts on some muscle. For UK fans, 14 pounds is just under 6.5kg, so that is a very impressive amount of muscle. That’s like carrying around two extra newborn human babies.

Cody has never been a small guy, but it feels like he is making the move to a proper heavyweight competitor, and this will only help put his title and his eventual successor over.

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