Cody Mocks Chris Jericho After AEW Championship Theft

4 years ago by Andy Datson

Cody Mocks Chris Jericho After AEW Championship Theft

The more that gets posted about it, the more everyone seems to think it’s all a work, and to be honest, it is wrestling after all.

For those who aren’t caught up on the bizarre story, Chris Jericho reportedly had his AEW Championship belt stolen from him during a trip to Longhorn Steakhouse, which I believe is a steakhouse with long horns.

A police report was shared by AEW, and Chris Jericho has released a statement from a hot tub asking for the belt to be returned, so either it’s a work, or they’ve rather brilliantly turned reality into a storyline.

As usual, Twitter has united to mock Jericho and AEW for the theft. Even AEW vice president Cody has got in on the fun, tweeting:

Outback is an Australian themed restaurant, so presumably this is Cody confirming that Buddy Murphy is signing with AEW.

Elsewhere on Twitter, Jericho was mocked by fast food chain Arby’s, and even Longhorn Steakhouse has commented.

If it’s a work, it’s a very good one.

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