Cody On His Character And Leaked Trademarks

4 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Cody On His Character And Leaked Trademarks

All Elite Wrestling’s Executive Vice President Cody took to Twitter to respond to a fan’s question about his character. When asked to clarify if he was a heel or a face, the former ROH World Champion said:

Cody argued that he was neither a heel nor a face, but just a competitor. He would go on to say that fans have become more educated and that a heel/face dynamic doesn’t work anymore.

Whilst this might not seem overly significant, it could be a sign of things to come for AEW. WWE is so obsessed with getting heels over as villains and faces over as heroes that Cody’s more forward-thinking mindset might create a dynamic we haven’t really seen in a major promotion before.

The former WWE star also took to Twitter to respond to an article about him filing for trademarks on ‘Bash At The Beach’, ‘Battlebowl’ and ‘Bunkhouse Stampede’.

He urged fans to not look into his trademark activity, stating that these were not intended for AEW and he was simply ”trying to get some of (his) Dad’s cattle back”. The fact that Cody filed a trademark on ‘The American Dream’, his father’s old moniker, would support this claim.

However, Cody could just be trying to throw people off, making them less likely to look into his trademark activity so if something does materialise in the future, it is a bigger surprise.

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