Cody Rhodes Has ‘Arrogant Response’ To WWE Return Question

11 months ago by Andy Datson

Cody Rhodes Has ‘Arrogant Response’ To WWE Return Question WWE

Cody Rhodes is currently out of action with a torn pectoral muscle, but there’s no doubting he’ll be right back at the top of the card when he returns to WWE TV.

The idea that Cody would be one of WWE’s top guys at the start of 2022 was ludicrous, but pro-wrestling is ludicrous, so here we are, and it all just sort of makes sense.

During a recent episode of Chevrolet Trucks’ “Grit and Glory” show (I’ve never heard of it, either), Cody appeared alongside Montez Ford, who point blank asked Rhodes why he made the decision to return to WWE earlier this year.

Cody responded:

“Well I’ll give you a somewhat arrogant answer. For two-three years nobody’s been able to touch me in the ring.”

He admitted he had something of a chip on his shoulder, and that chip took the form of the WWE Championship, which he believes is the biggest prize in wrestling. He said:

“[The chip was] having extra motivation for the biggest prize in our world which would be the WWE Championship.”

Cody told Ford that he hopes his “arrogant” answer drives the rest of the WWE locker-room to be the best they can be, and says him saying he’s the best in the world should make others want to prove him wrong.

“If I’m telling you ‘I’m the best,’ and you have pride in what you do, you should be saying ‘nah, I’m the best.’”

Joke’s on him. I’m the best.

Here is a clip from the show.

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