Cody Rhodes Drives Big Wedge Between Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa?

3 months ago by Amanda Savage

Cody Rhodes Drives Big Wedge Between Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa? WWE

In the closing moments of tonight’s WWE Raw (March 20) there was further tension within the Bloodline, now between Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa.

The headliners of WrestleMania 39 came face to face in the ring to close tonight’s WWE Raw as Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns squared off.

However after a substantial verbal joust, there was also a fascinating exchange between Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa.

While Cody Rhodes told Roman that his entire empire was on the verge of collapse (basically anyway) he told Sikoa very directly that he “wasn’t ready yet.”

Perhaps harkening back to his days with Randy Orton and Legacy, Rhodes that just because you’re alongside the Champion doesn’t mean you’re going to become Champion.

When Roman was comfortable fleeing the ring after he determined he had enough of Rhodes and Heyman trailed behind, Solo lingered behind.

Roman commanded Solo to follow however as he began to exit the ring, Cody baited him again and it seemed he couldn’t help himself.

Attempting a Samoan Spike, instead he received a big kick to the face from Rhodes but when starting to kick off again he was intercepted by Roman Reigns himself.

Reigns on the ring apron stopped Sikoa but also mouthed the words, “next week” so hopefully that match becomes official very soon because Cody Rhodes versus Solo Sikoa: yes please!

Earlier on tonight’s WWE Raw, Roman Reigns  finally sat down with Jey Uso. 

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