Cody Rhodes Reveals Who Had Seen Bruise Before Hell In A Cell Match

11 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Cody Rhodes Reveals Who Had Seen Bruise Before Hell In A Cell Match WWE

Cody Rhodes has recalled being told to save the reveal of his torn pectoral muscle bruise for the Hell in a Cell show.

During the June 5 Premium Live Event, WWE confirmed that Rhodes’ had torn his pectoral muscle completely off the bone, but would still be wrestling in the main event against Seth Rollins.

Rhodes only took his jacket off once inside the Hell in a Cell structure, revealing a giant bruise across his chest and arm.

Speaking with ComicBook, Rhodes noted that only a few people had seen the bruise ahead of the live broadcast:

“No one saw it, other than, I think Vince (McMahon) saw it. I was going to take my robe off for cameras, and the voice of God, whoever is head of production in that moment, I remember them saying, ‘Don’t.’ Stu, the camera operator, told me we were going to save it for the show.

“Very few people had actually seen it and how bad it was. Through the day, it was getting worse because there was so much blood, so much blood under my skin. I’m almost anemic, so if you chop me or squeeze me, you can see it instantly. Just the perfect person to have their body ripped in half for that moment.”

Rhodes ultimately defeated Rollins after almost 25 minutes of action. He was written off TV on the following episode of Raw to have surgery.

The American Nightmare recently took home the ESPN ESPY award for ‘Best WWE Moment’ for his return at WrestleMania 38.

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