Cody Rhodes Opens Up About Challenges Booking His Own Character

11 months ago by Taylor Sanchez

Cody Rhodes Opens Up About Challenges Booking His Own Character

AEW Executive VP Cody Rhodes has discussed the difficulties booking his own character, especially when the fans want a “different flavor”.

In a Bleacher Report AMA, Rhodes was asked what has been the biggest challenge of his career. Pointing out that he’s in the position to book himself, Rhodes opened up about receiving a negative reception during recent outings.

Reiterating that he’ll quit wrestling before he turns heel, Rhodes said:

“The music has broken my heart far more than it has cheered me up so far. I started a bit smaller and today in our industry I’m like a giant. Currently, I’m in a position where they think I book the show and book myself which has created tension for some fans. I’m of the belief that if you pay your money you can cheer, boo, etc.

“To go from a warm reception to an adversarial reception…I’ll retire before I become a heel. I’m not going to make decisions that are bad for our youth to see. That’s the challenge, how do I maintain where I’m at when the crowd wants to get a different flavor.”

Rhodes is set to face Malakai Black on Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite Grand Slam show. He hasn’t wrestled since losing to Black at the August 4 Dynamite Homecoming event.

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