Details Of Cody Rhodes Contract Negotiations With WWE & AEW Revealed

Details Of Cody Rhodes Contract Negotiations With WWE & AEW Revealed AEW

More details have emerged surrounding Cody Rhodes’ contract negotiations with WWE and AEW.

Following Cody and Brandi Rhodes’ shock AEW departure, numerous sources stated that Cody is expected so return to WWE.

Per Dave Meltzer in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, some backstage within WWE believe Rhodes received a big offer from the company that he couldn’t turn down.

Meltzer also commented on recent speculation that Khan allowed Cody’s departure to happen, as Cody was originally expected to remain with the company for another year, as his contract had a roll-over option. According to Meltzer, Khan did indeed decide not to roll Cody and Brandi’s contracts over, noting that they had signed three year deals, with two year options.

Per the report, ‘everyone’ knew Cody’s contract had the option to roll-over, with a ‘top player’ noting that Khan saw Cody wasn’t happy, so was agreeable to allow him to leave, despite the contract.


Both Cody and Khan are expected to remain quiet on the situation, and not publicly address the departure further. Khan’s initial announcement and Cody encouraging fans to continue watching AEW imply that Cody’s departure was at least somewhat amicable.

More details have also emerged on the WWE backstage reaction to Cody’s potential return to the company, which you can read about at this link. Some have speculated that Cody will return during this weekend’s Elimination Chamber show.

You can view the current line-up for Saturday’s premium live event here.

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