Cody Rhodes On Why Dusty Rhodes Wouldn’t Be In His Corner At WrestleMania

3 months ago by Jamie Toolan

Cody Rhodes On Why Dusty Rhodes Wouldn’t Be In His Corner At WrestleMania WWE

Much of Cody Rhodes’ road to WrestleMania has revolved around his father, the late Dusty Rhodes.

Prior to his death in 2016, Dusty played a massive role working in WWE’s NXT, working with many of the company’s top stars over the past ten years including Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch and Kevin Owens.

Among the name’s who Dusty helped mold is the current WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns, a fact that has been used effectively throughout the build to Roman and Cody’s main event clash.

While many would assume that if Dusty was still here, he would 100% physically be in Cody’s corner for the match,

However, Cody himself isn’t so sure of that being the case, and discussed the topic on a recent appearance on ‘Stadium Astro’.

Cody said:

“I don’t think he would’ve wanted to be in my corner. I think he would’ve wanted to be somewhere private, somewhere, you know, where he could just enjoy it.

“He really had a great appreciation for what he did already and anytime I tried to drag him out to do something, he would do it for me because he loved me.

“But also, he wanted to say goodbye at the right time, and I think that’s why he liked being behind the scenes with what he did at ‘NXT.'”

Cody may have to win the big one alone, as he alluded in his fiery promo battle with Roman Reigns on Raw, with his brother Dustin of course still with AEW.

On several occasions, Rhodes has vowed to win the WWE Title, not just as a tribute for his late father, but for himself.

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