Cody Rhodes Excited For Andrade In AEW

2 years ago by Tempest

Cody Rhodes Excited For Andrade In AEW

All Elite Wrestling’s latest signing was a big one, coming in the form of former WWE star Andrade. Now, Cody Rhodes has commented on the signing.

Rhodes was asked on Twitter what he thought of Andrade coming to AEW. In short, he responded that he is excited to see him in the promotion, calling it a big signing by Tony Khan. He also said Andrade was a well-dressed man. He said:

“Well dressed man.

Big signing by Tony – Andrade is a stud and I’m excited to see him in AEW.”

Cody Rhodes and Andrade never crossed paths in WWE. Rhodes left the company just prior to Andrade’s NXT debut in 2016.

Andrade debuted on last week’s AEW Dynamite as Andrade El Idolo, being introduced by Vickie Guerrero. He said he would be the face of All Elite Wrestling and the face of Latinos.

Andrade had been released by WWE in March of 2021, his AEW debut marked his first wrestling appearance since his release.

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