Cody Rhodes Refuses To Stop Calling Championship Titles ‘Belts’

10 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Cody Rhodes Refuses To Stop Calling Championship Titles ‘Belts’ WWE

Cody Rhodes has stated that WWE cannot stop him from calling their championship titles ‘belts’.

During a panel at San Diego Comic Con, Cody corrected the speaker talking about ‘championships’, telling him:

“You can say belts.”

In response to Sam Roberts noting that some people might get in trouble for using that word, Cody said:

“They can fine me $1,000 every time I say belts. I’m fine with that. If they give me a title belt, sure it’s a championship, but it also physically goes around your waist. Those are great belts.”

‘Belts’ is a WWE banned word that Vince McMahon famously hates. Previous reports indicated that Cody’s use of the term on WWE TV earlier this year was scripted.

Vince McMahon notably announced his retirement on July 22, so it is currently unclear how strict WWE will be about ‘banned’ terms moving forward.

Rhodes is currently out of action, recovering from surgery for his torn pectoral muscle.

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Transcription via Fightful.

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