Cody Rhodes Responds To AEW Crowd Photo

3 years ago by Nate

Cody Rhodes Responds To AEW Crowd Photo

Part of the Wednesday Night Wars between AEW and NXT has become fans of one trying to bash the other for any reason.  One of the more popular things to do now is to post pictures of the hard cam side of arenas.

One user on Twitter did just that after last night’s show in Dallas, Texas.

Obviously, it’s one of the odder things to see when a wrestler is cutting a promo to the empty side of an arena.  However, when pictures like this show up, it makes people question just how AEW is doing attendance-wise.

According to Cody, AEW is doing better than expected, even with the empty seats.

AEW had tremendous success early by selling out so many of their shows.  While you can’t argue there were definitely some empty seats, 4500 is a pretty good number for a live crowd for a show that is consistently drawing around 800,000 viewers.

As of now, NXT doesn’t have this problem because they are currently broadcasting from Full Sail which holds about 400 or so people.

NXT is supposed to start touring in 2020 for its broadcasts.  It will be interesting to see what size venues they run and how their attendance is.

In the past, NXT has had trouble drawing for live events but draws incredible crowds for TakeOvers.  The truth is both shows are putting out quality wrestling and fans should be supportive of both.

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