Cody Rhodes Reveals Huge Nightmare Family Announcement

2 years ago by Nate

Cody Rhodes Reveals Huge Nightmare Family Announcement

Earlier today, Cody Rhodes revealed he and Brandi would be making a huge announcement on tonight’s Dynamite. During the show, AEW aired a video package revealing what the announcement would be.

If you don’t get enough Cody Rhodes each week on Dynamite, then you are in luck. There’s a new reality show coming to TNT. Cody and Brandi will be starring in their own reality show.

The show is called Rhodes to the Top. Get it. You have to take a road to get to the top. Clever.

The promo discusses how they’ve built an empire. We also get a glimpse of Brandi talking about being the first black woman in the Rhodes family. Cody’s mom will also appear in the show.

I guess Miz and Mrs. will be getting a run for its money.

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