Cody Rhodes Says He Would Retire Before Turning Heel

9 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Cody Rhodes Says He Would Retire Before Turning Heel

On last week’s (September 30) episode of AEW Dynamite, Cody Rhodes and Arn Anderson seemingly split in a now infamous promo cut by the Enforcer.

This has naturally led to speculation that the ‘American Nightmare’ will be turning heel soon due to him recently receiving negative crowd reactions, namely against Malakai Black.

Cody recently spoke to Popculture, where he spoke about the subject, before saying that he ‘guarantees’ he will never turn heel, even saying he would retire before doing so.

Rhodes said:

“This will disappoint so many and maybe it won’t, maybe this will excite, but two things I can guarantee you – and I’m not saying this to wave one hand while you’re not looking at the other, I’m telling this from the most honest standpoint: I am not going to turn heel on this company. And I would retire before I did that. Now I’m the head of the community outreach group, I have a little girl now. I’m not going to be doing heel stuff on TV.”

Cody continued on, also doubling down that he would not be challenging for the AEW World Championship, saying:

“I am not turning heel and I’m not going back on my word to challenge for the title. That stuff was real. It hurts. It is a large regret that that ever happened, but it did happen and I can live with it. And I got to do that dance with Chris Jericho, and I will not go back on that stipulation, me personally.

“If Tony wanted to change things, he could. And again, you can never say never in wrestling, but I do think there’s this idea that evil corporate need would turn the stipulation around and challenge for the world title. That, I can say never will happen,”

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