Cody Rhodes Pays Tribute To His Father After WWE Survivor Series WarGames

Cody Rhodes Pays Tribute To His Father After WWE Survivor Series WarGames WWE

The late, great Dusty Rhodes created the WarGames concept, a match type that would be brought to international attention by WCW.

With the sale of WCW to WWE in 2001, WarGames would remain dormant in WWE until it was used as part of NXT TakeOver: WarGames in 2017.

It wouldn’t be brought to the main roster of WWE until the 2022 edition of Survivor Series.

This wasn’t the only contribution that Dusty Rhodes made to the history of wrestling, leaving behind a last legacy.

Cody Rhodes recently reflected on the legacy of his father on Twitter, saying:

“Ha at home, he was all ours.

“But in the sport, he’s got a lot more kids.

“So many folks he started/mentored & all the concepts he created still being used fought through a decade of bad press from some rags, but seeing his fingerprints and genius shine from the grave is special.”

Dusty Rhodes was not only a pioneer of wrestling but a mentor to many in the wrestling business across the decades, including during his time as head writer and creative director of WWE NXT.

The A&E “Biography: WWE Legends” series will feature an episode on Dusty Rhodes as part of its upcoming third season.

Dusty Rhodes passed away on June 11, 2015 at the age of 69.

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2 years ago by Dave Adamson


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