Cody Rhodes Reveals Vince McMahon Reaction To His Neck Tattoo

1 month ago by Sanchez Taylor

Cody Rhodes Reveals Vince McMahon Reaction To His Neck Tattoo WWE

Cody Rhodes has recalled Vince McMahon’s reaction to his neck tattoo, following his return to the company.

After finishing up with WWE in 2016, Rhodes reinvented himself on the independent scene, before eventually forming AEW in 2019.

In early 2020, Rhodes revealed that he had his American Nightmare logo tattooed on the side of his neck.

Speaking with Peter Rosenberg of HOT 97, Rhodes recalled his conversation with Vince McMahon ahead of his return to WWE TV in April.

Discussing McMahon’s reaction to his tattoo, Rhodes said:

“There’s a fun moment (from the conversation I had with Vince McMahon before my return to WWE). I had such a great conversation with him.

“If I had not decided to come back, I still walked out of that meeting with him feeling really good. I brought him the old WWWF Title to show him because I have it.

“Dan Lambert gave it to me for free, shockingly but, he just made a comment, he goes, you know, ‘We have the best artists and Creative Services Department in the world. We can come up with some new logos for you’.

“I remember I just leaned in and kind of went like that and showed him (pulled his collar down so McMahon could see the neck tattoo) and he just kind of did one of those classic laughs like, ‘Ha! Never mind. That’s it, that’s it.’ So he knew we really can’t change it at this point.

“This is what it is and he said something really great to me that day. I stood my ground. I said, ‘I don’t wanna change a thing about myself including my song. I wanna have my elevator, I want all this’ and he said something, he goes, ‘Well that’s what we’re buying. It’s not broke’ and I thought, that feels good, because I hadn’t figured it out when I was here the first time. Everything was broke and that was a nice feeling.”

Triple H has been running WWE creative since Vince McMahon stepped away from the company in July 2022.

McMahon returned in January and currently serves as the company’s executive chairman.

In another interview, Rhodes opened up about re-joining the WWE locker-room, naming a star he thinks he won’t get along with ever.

Transcription via POST Wrestling.

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