Cody’s Attempt To Trademark “Dusty Rhodes” Is Rejected

3 years ago by Nate

Cody’s Attempt To Trademark “Dusty Rhodes” Is Rejected

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Cody’s attempt to trademark his father’s name Dusty Rhodes has been rejected.  It appears the rejection is due to Dusty Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes being too similar.

While any normal person could tell the difference between the names Dustin and Dusty, it would seem to be a logical consideration it would be hard to trademark one or the other as different.  However, it seems this is just a minor bump in the road.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, this is what the rejected document stated:

Here, the marks share one term, “RHODES”, and a highly similar term “DUSTY/DUSTIN”, and share the same overall commercial impression of that of a surname and given name, respectively. Given the high similarity in appearance, sound, and meaning of the marks, the marks are confusingly similar.”

The Dustin Rhodes trademark is already owned by Dustin Rhodes.  The next steps would be one of two things:  File an appeal or get permission from the owner of the already trademarked name Dusty Rhodes is similar too.

Given the fact Dustin owns the name, it seems getting permission from his brother would be the easier of the two options.  It is expected Cody Rhodes will take the necessary steps to move this forward.  Eventually, Cody will be allowed to trademark the name.

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