Colt Cabana Jokes About CM Punk All Out Media Scrum, Discusses Future Of Team SHAG

6 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Colt Cabana Jokes About CM Punk All Out Media Scrum, Discusses Future Of Team SHAG AEW

Ahead of the One Pro Wrestling reunion of Team SHAG, AEW/ROH star Colt Cabana discussed the future of his tag-team with Greg Burridge.

At 1PW’s relaunch event, A New Twist Of Fate, Cabana & Burridge defeated Nick Aldis & Doug Williams in tag-team action. While the former 1PW Tag Team Champions had a dance-off during the match, it wasn’t until the final bell rang that Aldis and Williams were willing to show off their moves.

In the pre-event press conference, Colt Cabana quickly addressed the elephant in the room. Referencing CM Punk’s verbal tirade at All Out, in which Punk ranted about his and Cabana’s broken relationship, Cabana started the press conference by noting:

“I don’t know how safe it is for me to do this, but let’s do it anyway. Let’s do a scrum.”

Cabana is currently signed to an AEW/ROH contract, last wrestling on TV for a Tony Khan promotion at ROH Death Before Dishonor in July. Unsure whether or not he and Burridge will be teaming regularly moving forward, Cabana said:

“In my head, I assume it’s a one-off for me, but I am going to make as many angles as humanly possible to try to get myself booked for another show. I’m thinking we can run out in everybody’s match.”

When asked if there are any teams they have their eyes on, with the landscape of British wrestling changing so drastically since they last teamed in 1PW, Burridge and Cabana said:

Burridge: “West Ham, Arsenal…”

Cabana: “Fulham. As you said it has been a while, and the whole scene has changed. I think that’s always been the great thing about me and Burridge, we’re such an anomaly (in British wrestling) with me being from Chicago and (Burridge) being from Essex. This is like a 1PW specialty and finally we have 1PW back.”

Other notable names in action on the show included Mickie James, Rob Van Dam and AEW’s Jamie Hayter.

1PW A New Twist Of Fate will soon be available to watch on FITE TV.

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