Colt Cabana Reveals Dark Order Plans Prior To Brodie Lee’s Passing

Colt Cabana Reveals Dark Order Plans Prior To Brodie Lee’s Passing

Colt Cabana joined the Dark Order back in 2020, when the late Brodie Lee, who was the leader of the group at the time, inducted him into the group.

Cabana seemed like a weird fit at first, and that was by design. Cabana recently spoke to Chris Denker on the Into The Danger Zone, where he discussed his role in the group, as well as the original plan for him joining.

“It’s hard. At first, I stood back a little bit, because I guess I was the only successful Brodie inductee, no I am going to say that wrong. Dark Order was Stu and Uno and then they started getting people, but they didn’t get anyone for a while until I kind of came in. And I wasn’t even supposed to be. It was supposed to lead to me and Brodie having a match, and it was what it was. So, some people will be like, ‘I don’t get Colt in The Dark Order.’ I have so much pride like I got stuck inside of this bubble. We lost Brodie and I am there now. I feel like I was in a vortex and it’s just wild. It means so much to me that I’m in the vortex and I am part of the team.”

Colt Cabana’s last match on AEW Dynamite was against Bryan Danielson on November 24. Danielson kicked Cabana’s teeth out during the match.

transcription via Wrestling Inc.

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