Report: Colt Cabana Return ‘Only Made Things Worse’ Between CM Punk & AEW

Report: Colt Cabana Return ‘Only Made Things Worse’ Between CM Punk & AEW AEW

It’s being reported that Colt Cabana’s recent return to AEW TV “only made things worse” between the promotion and CM Punk.

When Cabana returned after it was all but confirmed Punk wouldn’t be coming back, a lot of people made the connection that Cabana’s previous absence had been connected to Punk’s arrival – actually people had already made that connection and this just served as more fuel for it.

Punk has denied that he specifically requested for Cabana to not be around, and if that’s true, it still doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no connection even if he’s not the one that requested it.

While it was described as a morale booster to the locker room at the time, it seems the decision to bring Cabana back at the time he did, which was said to be a Tony Khan call, has made things worse between AEW and Punk.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter: “Colt Cabana wrestling Chris Jericho only made things worse as far as issues with the two sides”.

The Observer also says that Punk remains adamant he wasn’t behind Cabana’s prior absence, but says that “a lot of talent” in AEW believes differently, and it’s something that’s openly being talked about.

As of last word, Punk and AEW were in talks for a buyout of his contract, but a major hangup was negotiations over a non-compete clause.

It doesn’t seem there has been any major move as far as Punk’s status as he’s still officially under contract and his merch is still being sold.

There has been unconfirmed speculation of Punk going to WWE (otherwise why would the non-compete be an issue), especially with WrestleMania season coming up.

The obvious connection has been WWE being in talks with Steve Austin for a return – talks which this time are confirmed to be happening – and the potential of finally doing the Austin vs Punk dream match.

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