Details On Why Colt Cabana’s Podcast Stopped After AEW All Out

Details On Why Colt Cabana’s Podcast Stopped After AEW All Out AEW

Colt Cabana has explained why his podcast The Art of Wrestling went on hiatus following AEW All Out in September.

At All Out, then-AEW World Champion CM Punk launched into an angry tirade at several of his fellow wrestlers and high ranking members of the company.

The incident began with comments that addressed his prior issues with Colt Cabana.

The aftermath of the incident was tightly locked down, with those involved saying very little about the matter.

However, Cabana has now insisted on the returning episode of his podcast that his absence was self-imposed, and not related to the CM Punk drama:

“I didn’t delay it because the company that I worked for told me not to talk about anything, or what I could or could not do. [That’s] just kind of where my brain was at.

“I like to put out shows occasionally spotlighting my friends or people that I find super interesting.”

Cabana reminded listeners that he began the podcast to have an honest conversation about his career:

“And from the beginning, I was so open – maybe even to a fault – about dealing with losing my dream job of the WWE, or fighting to be an independent wrestler, or how to make money in wrestling, or how to survive a lot of things.”

Transcription courtesy of WrestlingInc.

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