Complete Spoilers For Next Week’s AEW Dynamite

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Complete Spoilers For Next Week’s AEW Dynamite

Following Revolution and this week’s Dynamite, AEW talent were in Jacksonville on Thursday for a taping of next week’s episode of Dynamite, which is the special St Patrick’s Day Slam show.

Reddit user SpaceForce1, who has leaked results for several taped AEW shows in the past, has posted complete spoilers on what was taped for the big show next week:

Penta vs. CodyThey go at it quickly as soon as the intros end. Penta controls early with his usual array of high paced, rope related offense. Penta tries to hit something from the top to the outside, but Cody stops him and hits a hurricanrana back into the ring. Cody hits a couple springboard moves and then hits Crossrhodes, but Penta kicks out. Cody eventually steals a win, and a postmatch brawl starts with Death Triangle and The Nightmare Family.

Jade Cargill wins a quick squash.

New Faction Promo – MJF hits the ring with his new crew and Tully is first on the mic. He runs down exactly how all of the Inner Circle members got destroyed last week. He says the group he surrounds himself with is at the pinnacle of the industry. He was with the greatest group in wrestling history years ago, and he plans on retiring as a part of the greatest group in wrestling history today. MJF takes the mic and says that he’s Judas now. He says it wasn’t easy pretending to like Jericho all that time and makes fun of Jericho’s separated pecs. He says he laughed at all of Jericho’s jokes and tolerated all the nonsense while he plucked the Inner Circle like feathers. He says his entire plan was to make everyone think he was trying to take over the Inner Circle so that no one would notice that he was putting together his own group. The plan was always to destroy the Inner Circle and replace it with a better group. He christens the group “The Pinnacle” and hypes each member, including calling FTR the only grand slam tag champions in wrestling history and the best tag team in the world. He talks himself up and calls himself a fine wine, saying that it makes everyone at home want to punch through their screens at how good he is. He reminds everyone that he’s only 24 and that he’s got at least 25 years left in the business. He again reminds us that the group is called The Pinnacle. He says they’re going to take all of the gold and ends with a message directly to Jericho – “I’m better than you, and you know it”.

Hardy Inc. vs. Jurassic Express and Bear Country – Match goes for about 30 seconds before erupting into chaos, with the faces cleaning house. Marko gets launched from the ring onto the heels outside. Heels take over for a while until Luchasaurus gets a hot tag and kicks them all into oblivion. He hits his combo ending in a standing moonsault, but the heels break up the pin. Another brawl starts and results in Kassidy hitting a monster dropkick from the mat to the top rope. Hardy screams for the tag and gets it. He comes in, dances around for a few seconds glory hogging, and then hits the Twist of Fate for the win.

Good Brothers vs. Kingston and Moxley – Good Brothers attack from behind during the entrances and do work outside. Anderson eventually throws Kingston in and demands the ref ring the bell to start the match. Good Brothers control Kingston and work him over for what seems like an eternity before Moxley eventually gets a hot tag. Moxley roughs up Anderson, forcing Gallows to interfere to break a pin. Moxley sends Gallows outside and hits a suicide dive. Later, Good Brothers take control again and set up Magic Killer on Moxley, but can’t hit it. Moxley steals the win with a roll up and the Good Brothers immediately jump on him as soon as it ends. Kenny Omega’s music hits and he comes out wielding a chair with Callis at his side. Kenny squares up to a downed Moxley, but Kingston charges into all of them for the save. The heels beat them both down and set up a top rope chair stomp. Anderson hits it and they set it up again with Gallows going up top. Before the big guy can jump, the Young Bucks hit the ring and talk the heels down. Kenny and the Good Brothers throw up the too sweet hand signals, but the Bucks walk away. The distraction of the dissention with the Bucks allows Moxley time to come to, and he clears the ring with the chair.

Sting InterviewSchiavone out for the weekly Sting Interview that doesn’t actually include Sting talking. Tony invites Sting and Darby out. Darby mentions that he’s only defended the TNT title three times and that it pisses him off. He says he wants to be a fighting champion. He starts to offer an open challenge, but Lance Archer and Jake Roberts cut him off. Archer cuts an Archer promo and Jake says “he’s gonna twist it up and stick it up your rear end”, whatever that means. I think he might have been talking about the skateboard. At least I hope he was. Taz interrupts, but before he can say much, Cage cuts him off and says that Taz wont speak for him this week. Cage addresses Sting and says he was really impressed by Sting during the street fight. Cage says he respects Sting and that, no matter what Ricky Starks says, Sting is still the icon even without the bat. Taz gets pissed and yells “what the hell are you doing” as they leave.

Rey Fenix wins a filler match with a shoulder carry pile driver.

Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa – Unsanctioned Lights Out Match – I’m not spoiling this match. You have to watch it. Some truly insane spots, including the finish. Britt was nearly unrecognizable at the end of the match. Standing ovation from the audience after the match and even after the cameras stopped rolling.

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