Constable Corbin Wakes ‘The Demon’

5 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Constable Corbin Wakes ‘The Demon’

Baron, or should that be Constable Corbin, has taken the war of words he had with Finn Balor on Raw – and the exchanges they’ve had for weeks – one step further this week and straight into the famous modern day gladiatorial arena we know as Twitter.

Seemingly taking their cue from Braun Strowman and Mustafa Ali who had their own verbal joust on the social media platform, Monday Night Raw’s new authority figure took to his keyboard to call out ‘The Demon’ and set-up what will undoubtedly lead to a full-on physical feud over the coming months.

Finn Balor, however, wasn’t going to shy away from such a fight and hit back, quite hilariously, with his own set of put downs and on and on it went.

Sadly, it seems Corbin is better on the computer than the mic and at some point in future we’re clearly destined for a brand new pay-per-view labeled ‘WWE Twitter War’, which will undoubtedly be a special on the network. Putting that aside, this has been an enjoyable spat on the PC screen with some amusing jabs from both parties. One hopes they can take this type of charisma into Monday nights and between the ropes when the inevitable match rolls around.

What do you think about wrestlers going head-to-head on social media? Would you prefer they didn’t stick to kayfabe and were themselves? And what are your thoughts on a Finn Balor move to 205 Live if it ever happened? Let us know on Twitter and Discord, where you can chat with all your favorite writers.

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