WWE Name Predicts Company’s Next ‘Megastar’

WWE Name Predicts Company’s Next ‘Megastar’ WWE

WWE announcer Corey Graves believes that Austin Theory could be destined to be the company’s next “megastar”.

Theory recently cashed his Money in the Bank briefcase in on Seth Rollins on the November 7 edition of WWE Raw, in an attempt to secure the Architect’s United States Championship.

However, he was unsuccessful in securing the belt, which caused him to adopt a much darker and more serious persona on the following week’s episode of WWE Raw.

Speaking on his podcast After The Bell, Graves said that despite the failed cash-in, Theory could have a bright future ahead:

“I believe in Austin Theory. I don’t believe he’s ‘that guy’ yet, but in my heart of hearts as a nerd who’s spent way too much time studying the history of this business and watching it and loving it with all my being, I believe Austin Theory is the next megastar (of WWE.) And I think on Monday a lot of people started to believe as well.

“Let everything play out. Everybody loves to get ahead of themselves and jump on Twitter. ‘Oh this is it! Austin Theory’s done. He’s buried. Why would you do this to the guy?’

“Let the story play out. This is WWE. World Wrestling Entertainment (emphasis on entertainment.)

“There is a story involved. There’s curiosity. There’s drama. There are red herrings.

“Just like any source of literature. It’s entertainment. So let it play out. What we saw was a whole new chapter for Austin Theory.

“Rollins has been one of the mechanisms in this story, that has helped elevate Austin Theory’s stock in the eyes of the viewers.

“Yes, Rollins was the one who beat him but that was an essential part of the story. What Rollins is doing simultaneously is elevating the United States Championship.”

Graves previously noted that he was initially furious with the situation surrounding Theory’s Money in the Bank cash-in.

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Transcription courtesy of SEScoops.

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