Corey Graves Reveals He Found Out About Johnny Gargano Return On-Air

7 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Corey Graves Reveals He Found Out About Johnny Gargano Return On-Air WWE

Ever since Triple H took over creative in WWE, numerous former WWE stars have been re-signed to the company, making surprising big returns on TV over the past two months, starting with Dakota Kai at SummerSlam, and most recently Braun Strowman on Raw.

Even with many rumours swirling, the return of Johnny Gargano came as a shocking moment on Raw in Toronto a few weeks back, as he simply walked out after a commercial break to a huge reaction to the crowd.

Gargano was the guest on WWE After The Bell this week, when Corey Graves spoke about his return, revealing that the announcers on the show were not aware that Gargano would be coming out during the segment.

He said:

“We, the commentary team, had no actual definitive answers about anything. On our truck sheets, is what we refer to them, as the lineups as to what is scheduled to come in the show, it just said Austin Theory … I see [Gargano’s] name come across the ‘tron, if you notice, none of the three of us said a word, we just let it breathe.”

It wasn’t just Graves, Jimmy Smith and Byron Saxton who were left out of the loop, as Gargano revealed that only around four or five people in the building in Toronto were aware that he was there before he made his entrance that night.

He said:

“I think only like, four people in the building, four or five people knew that I was there. You watch all these moments and you think, like, ‘It would be cool if I was a part of one of those,’ and to actually be a part of one of those surprises, it’s awesome to look back on.”

Gargano is set to wrestle his first match as a part of the Raw roster on this upcoming episode of the show, with his opponent yet to be announced.

transcription via Wrestling Inc.

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