Corey Graves Recalls When Carmella Flashed Airport Security

Corey Graves Recalls When Carmella Flashed Airport Security

You can tell it’s Thursday and not much is happening, can’t you? Thankfully Corey Graves is in with the story of the century, because apparently Carmella’s boobs once fell out at airport security.

Graves and Carmella have been dating for much of 2019, and have shared plenty of romantic pictures on their respective social medias to prove it.

Appearing on the Bump, WWE’s new YouTube show, Corey was asked what Carmella’s most embarrassing moment was, and he had an answer ready.

“We were in the London airport and she did not have her toiletries properly stored and there was a bit of a panic in the security line. She had a tubetop on of some sort. She bent down to fix her toiletries and stood up and gave everyone in security quite the show.”

I mean at least it saved them from having to pat her down to look for any concealed sharp objects.

For the whole story, you can check out The Bump in the video below.


5 years ago by Andy Datson


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