Corey Graves ‘Toned Down’ What WWE Wanted Him To Say About Sasha Banks & Naomi

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey

Corey Graves ‘Toned Down’ What WWE Wanted Him To Say About Sasha Banks & Naomi WWE

Then-Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out of last week’s (May 16) episode of Raw, which caused a change to the advertised main event of the show.

WWE acknowledged the incident on-air during the show, with Raw announcer Corey Graves branding the pair ‘unprofessional’ for walking out on the show.

Graves’ broadcast partner Jimmy Smith recently spoke about the incident on the Unlocking the Cage podcast, where he stated that he doesn’t understand the fans’ ire towards Graves, and also Michael Cole, for reading what WWE told them to read.

He said:

“What I don’t get at all is the heat that my broadcast partner, Corey Graves, is getting. They gave him something to read and much like Michael Cole, he toned it down a little bit. But guys, Michael Cole and Corey Graves aren’t making this stuff up. People are getting mad at them like they’re freestyling this stuff. They’re not. If Vince said, ‘Here, read this’, I would have done exactly what Michael Cole did. Corey Graves is getting all this shit. Corey Graves didn’t make up that statement. He’s a broadcaster and was told to read it and he read it. So I understand the ire of the fans, but the misdirection of that ire is weird.”

Pat McAfee’s reaction to the announcement on SmackDown went viral after the show, which he later revealed was his genuine reaction.

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