Find Out Why ‘Cult Of Personality’ Was Trending On Twitter

Find Out Why ‘Cult Of Personality’ Was Trending On Twitter AEW

When out of the blue on a Sunday evening (November 20) ‘Cult of Personality’ starts trending on Twitter, one naturally wonders what in the CM Punk is going on?

However this time, the hashtag was trending only tangentially related to the controversial wrestling figure.

Much like CM Punk himself as of late, the AMC series ‘The Walking Dead’ is hanging up its boots with the series finale airing tonight.

With fans highly nostalgic about the long running series coming to a close, one little fun bit for the wrestling fans watching: a very famous entrance theme was featured in the finale.

According to viewers, the recognizable song is played to lure out zombies (or ‘walkers’ for the actual enthusiasts of the show!)

Fans couldn’t help but react on Twitter, using it as the opportunity to share their amusing reactions!

Elsewhere in Pro Wrestling x Walking Dead crossover Twitter, Johnny Gargano shared a story about watching the totally chill and never emotionally distressing at all program with AEW star Chuck Taylor.

After the Best Friend mused that he still watched the show, Gargano recalled:

“Remember back in 2012 when we watched that really traumatizing Lori episode in your apartment and just sat there in silence after it was over? You probably don’t.”

To which Taylor replied that he had no recollection of said events and that Gargano probably made it up.

You can keep up with all of the CM Punk related news by clicking here. 


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10 months ago by Amanda Savage



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