Current WWE Status Of The Bella Twins Revealed

Current WWE Status Of The Bella Twins Revealed

The Bella Twins have recently addressed rumors surrounding their WWE return, discussing what they believe they still need to achieve in WWE.

With Edge in 2020 and Christian in 2021, the last few years have seen many “retired” stars return to WWE. The Bella Twins have discussed their potential WWE return and if it is currently looking feasible.

On The Bellas Podcast, Nikki Bella revealed that she’s not medically cleared to return to WWE. After discussing her pro-wrestling future, Bella explained that her neck issues are keeping her out of action.

Here is the full quote:

“I guess I have been talking about this run as if I’m cleared, which I’m not cleared to wrestle. I saw a doctor last week who is starting to help me with neck strengthening exercises. I’m working on doing everything I can to increase bone growth with bone fusion and helping herniation. Since I haven’t done any hardcore impact since my match with Ronda, hopefully the herniation that happened above my bone fusion has gotten better.

“I hope that somehow, all these things that I’m doing, if I want to do this run, I have to get MRIs and scans and they have to discuss things. They will see this incredible growth and say, ‘You’re strong, here are your limits, but this is what you can do.’ I need to start that a year out. We’ll see what a year does, how good the bone grows, how strong my neck can get. Say prayers for me.”

Both Nikki and Brie Bella emphasised that they’re not done with WWE, with both women wanting to challenge for the Women’s Tag Team Title eventually.

Nikki Bella hasn’t wrestled since her Raw Women’s Championship match against Ronda Rousey at Evolution in 2018. Brie Bella’s last match was a 6-woman bout in the weeks before her sister’s championship clash.

The Bella Twins agreed that they’d want to return to test WWE’s female tag division. While WWE only have one Women’s Tag Team Championship, another title is reportedly to be introduced to NXT soon.

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