Danhausen Says Bryan Danielson ‘Sits On A Throne Of Lies’

10 months ago by Amanda Savage

Danhausen Says Bryan Danielson ‘Sits On A Throne Of Lies’ AEW

An AEW star has recently commented on another All Elite star that he says is not only a liar, but that he ‘sits on a throne of lies.’

Danhausen spoke exclusively to Kevin Kellam from Sportskeeda at here he shared his thoughts on Bryan Danielson and adding a new nickname for the American Dragon.

Danhausen said:

“Bryan Danielson keeps lying about Danhausen. He’s lying to everybody. He says that Danhausen can’t do a pistol squat, and he can. If you see Bryan Danielson, you tell him that Danhausen is looking for him. A pistol squat is when you squat down on one leg. He challenged Danhausen, Danhausen did it and now he’s lying to people. He’s a liar. He’s king of liars. He sits on a throne of lies… He has good blackberries though, they’re delicious.”

Danhausen continues his in-ring career in AEW as well as his copious extracurricular activities, with a win/loss record in 2022 of 3-2.

You can check out all the win/loss records for the AEW roster by clicking here. 

Transcription via Fightful

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