Darby Allin Tried To Recruit Sting For Recent Wild Stunt

7 months ago by Amanda Savage

Darby Allin Tried To Recruit Sting For Recent Wild Stunt AEW

While earlier we brought you a story of Darby Allin and the ‘sketchiest stunt’ he’s ever done,’ Tony Khan has just added an interesting twist to the story!

Darby Allin is at it again doing crazy stunts in the wild and according to Tony Khan, he tried to get another AEW star to join him!

Check out the stunt that Darby Allin described as his “sketchiest stunt ever” and find out the shocking detail Tony Khan dropped that makes the stunt even wilder!

Responding to a TMZ story which featured the death defying stunt, (which you can see below) Tony Khan shared a fascinating tidbit to go along with the shocking visual!

Tony Khan wrote:

“And he tried to talk @Sting into riding shotgun for this. Seriously.”

Also Khan threw in a #AEWRampage for the occasion since it is Friday, you know what that means!

Tony Khan has a little time to pop by Twitter to promote AEW Rampage, including wishing his lovely Mother a Happy Birthday.

Darby Allin is currently without a match for AEW’s upcoming pay-per-view, AEW All Out.

You can find out the 33 biggest names in AEW that are still missing from the All Out card by clicking here. 

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