Darby Allin Reveals Biggest Obstacle In His Career

Darby Allin Reveals Biggest Obstacle In His Career

Darby Allin has become one of All Elite Wrestling’s biggest stars since his debut in 2019. Now, he has revealed what the biggest obstacle was for him to overcome.

In a recent interview with the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Allin said that believing in himself was the most difficult thing for him early on. Allin said:

“Probably believing in myself. It sounds cornball but it’s true. When you hear everybody say ‘you can’t’ for so long and you start believing them and then once you say, ‘f**k it, I’m doing it my way and I’m okay with failing,’ that’s the biggest obstacle — just your own brain. It’s not anybody else, it’s your own brain and telling yourself. So, funny story, I — Rob Dyrdek went to this hypnotist and he credits that hypnotist for all of his success, everything. So I went to that same dude and I was like, ‘yeah man, fix my ass.’

“It was weird because right when I started doing that, literally, life just started getting incredible. Everything really started falling into place. He told me that Rob Dyrdek’s story, the reason Rob it took him so long to get over that hump is because of his own mind holding him back because he was just some skinny white kid from Ohio. So he’s like, ‘I’m not worthy of me being a millionaire,’ or, ‘I’m not worthy of being on TV.’ But once you start breaking those mental blocks down anything’s possible so I started doing that and life’s been pretty cool.”

Darby Allin and Sting will be taking on Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page at Double or Nothing this weekend.

Allin had been the TNT Champion before recently losing the title to Miro.

Quote via Fightful.

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