Former WWE Star Reveals Reaction Of Locker Room When They Came Out

3 months ago by Ryan Coogan

Former WWE Star Reveals Reaction Of Locker Room When They Came Out WWE

Former WWE star Fred Rosser – formerly known Darren Young – has opened up about coming out to the WWE locker room.

Rosser is currently signed to New Japan Pro-Wrestling, where he is the current Strong Openweight Champion

Prior to that, Rosser was with WWE for several years, and was an original member of the Nexus.

He was released from the company in 2017, after suffering an arm injury earlier in the year which took him off television for several months.

Rosser was the first wrestler to come out as gay while working for WWE.

Speaking in an exclusive interview for, Rosser spoke about the reaction of the WWE locker room when he came out:

“Yeah, it’s always a good question to ask me. I always say every day is a coming out experience. So whether I’m doing this interview, or whether I’m sitting at the airport with someone who looks at me and says, ‘Oh, man, this is a big guy.’ We can talk at the airport, I tell them who I am.

“And they immediately Google me so that’s why I always say, every day is a coming out experience. So from guys like Randy Orton, who I still communicate with to this day. Mark Henry, Sheamus, Titus O’Neil [and a] plethora other superstars, they made it a lot more easy for me to walk into a locker room. I always say on my social media, anyone that doesn’t have that support system, whether it’s in their family, or their friendships, be a part of my family on social media.

“My social media is an open diary to the world. So anything I ever post or talk about always comes from the heart with the intent to motivate and inspire the masses. So I always say every day, my feet touch the ground.

“Someone’s counting on me to share my story on social media. But all in all, the WWE supported me, and we still communicate, but my goal right now is to knock it out the park with New Japan, New Japan Strong.”

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