Dave Meltzer Says WrestleMania Match Was The Most Boring Ever

3 years ago by Nate

Dave Meltzer Says WrestleMania Match Was The Most Boring Ever

Dave Meltzer is known for his endless knowledge of wrestling and his match ratings. Meltzer has decided he’s not going to give out ratings for WrestleMania because he doesn’t think it’s fair to the wrestlers.

That didn’t stop him from sharing his opinion on the Edge vs. Orton match in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Here is his opinion:

“There have been technically worse matches, but none as boring because the worst matches in Mania history often were short…”

Ouch. However, his criticism didn’t stop there. He went on to add:

“The announcers did them no favors whispering like it was the 13th hole in Augusta, which only made things more boring. By 12:00, it sucked. By 18:00, it was Chinese water torture. And it went 36:32 before Edge won.”

He also pointed out how he was very surprised the hanging spot made it through the edit. Given that the Chris Benoit documentary had just aired and the Benoit event even took place in the gym, it seems like an odd choice.

Dave certainly didn’t mince word when it came to his opinions of the match. He did say in the article that it would have probably worked much better in front of a live crowd, but the majority of the match would have still been backstage with the crowd watching on television had they kept the match the same.

Of course, if there was a crowd, then it probably would have played out a lot more in the arena. How did you feel about the match?

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