Dax Harwood Explains Why The Pinnacle Faction Was ‘DOA’

4 weeks ago by Connel Rumsey

Dax Harwood Explains Why The Pinnacle Faction Was ‘DOA’ AEW

The Pinnacle have become one of AEW’s most notorious ‘what if’s in the company’s short history.

The group of MJF, Wardlow, Shawn Spears and FTR were formed in March 2021 to feud with Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle ahead of Stadium Stampede.

The group slowly fizzled out over the next few months, with every member heading in different directions.

Speaking on the FTR with Dax Harwood podcast, Dax spoke about the group, and what he would have changed about the group.

He simply said:

“I wouldn’t have joined it, that’s what I would have changed,”

When Dax had announced that the topic of his show would be about the Pinnacle, Shawn Spears had replied to the tweet simply saying ‘DOA’.

Dax spoke about Spears’ tweet, and why he believed the group was DOA.

He said:

“Spears is going to get more heat than I am, thank you Spears, you take some away from me. Spears is finally branching out and understanding how good he is and that he doesn’t always have to keep his mouth shut if he doesn’t want to.

“(The group was DOA) because, I think, one person in the group probably thought that he was bigger than the group, maybe, and probably felt that this was just designed for him, maybe. Maybe he wasn’t the only person that thought that. I didn’t think at first we thought that. At first, someone, and maybe a couple of other people outside of our group too, felt this was a vehicle for just him and them.

“We felt, us and Wardlow, I say us being me, Cash, Spears, and Wardlow, felt that if we all worked together, we could all get over and we could all get each other over. Obviously, Max was going to be the main event guy winning the world belt. We know that. We felt everybody could benefit from this group, and in turn, benefit who we individually worked with, and in turn benefit AEW’s business. It just didn’t pan out that way.”

The group temporarily reunited last September, when Wardlow and FTR teamed to face Jay Lethal and the Motor City Machine Guns at All Out.

transcription via Fightful

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