Dax Harwood Says The Pinnacle May Be ‘Most Mishandled Thing In Modern Wrestling History’

9 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Dax Harwood Says The Pinnacle May Be ‘Most Mishandled Thing In Modern Wrestling History’ AEW

AEW star Dax Harwood has arguably been on the run of his life in recent months, making a solid case to be named wrestler of the year, but he’s had to overcome his fair share of issues.

FTR were chosen to be a member of the Pinnacle last year alongside MJF, Shawn Spears and Wardlow. While the group started out with a lot of promise, it eventually fizzled out without much fanfare.

FTR recently spoke to the New York Post, where he was asked about working with MJF as a member of the Pinnacle.

Cash Wheeler said that he thought there was still a lot to be done with the group, and that he hopes MJF gets what he wants.

He said:

“I feel like we still had stuff we could have done (with the Pinnacle) or things we could have done differently. But it’s so hard to in the middle of the pandemic, even though we were starting to come out of it, the amount of stuff from the formation to the end. Even I don’t know what’s going on if it is the end. We’ll see. I think the group still had a lot of potential. Whatever happens down the line if that’s something they ask us what our thoughts on it are within the company, we’ll figure that out. With Max right now, I don’t really know. I try to stay out of all the office business because I’m not very good at it and I’m not very good at hiding my emotions as it is. It’s just, I hope he gets what he wants. I know what it’s like to be in a spot where you don’t feel like where you want to be. So I hope he finds that.”

Dax then commented on the question, saying he doesn’t care about what MJF does, but went on to call the Pinnacle maybe the ‘most mishandled thing in modern wrestling history’.

He said:

“You called us to talk to FTR. I’m not here to talk about Max. I don’t care what Max does. I will say this, I think the Pinnacle may be the most mishandled thing in modern wrestling history because that could have been one of the biggest angles in the world, one of the biggest groups in the world. Max and I always didn’t see eye to eye and I’ll leave it at that.”

FTR are set to defend their ROH World Tag Team Championship at this Sunday’s Forbidden Door show in a winner takes all match against Roppongi Vice and IWGP World Tag Team Champions United Empire.

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