Defiant Refuse To Lose 2018 – Live Results

4 years ago by Andy Datson

Defiant Refuse To Lose 2018 – Live Results

Rampage def. John “Bad Bones” Klinger

And still your Defiant World Champion, Rampage.

Klinger, who looks like the love child of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, put in a valiant effort, but the other large bearded man proved too much for him.

The piledriver gave Rampage the pinfall, but once again, the aftermath proved to be the most interesting part of the match.

David Starr confronted Rampage, seemingly setting up the next world championship feud. Now that’ something I want to see.

Great show.

Martin Kirby def. Joe Hendry (I Quit Match)

Well then. Joe Hendry uttered the words no wrestler ever wants to utter.

He had little choice in the end. Kirby had been targeting his left leg for the whole match with chair and pole shots, and a sharp shooter ankle lock proved simply too painful for the prestigious one.

And the punishment did not finish at the bell. Martin Kirby continued attacking his opponent after the match.

Hendry managed to hop to the back while the crowd gave him a huge ovation for his efforts.

Now time for the main event. Rampage vs. John “Bad Bones” Klinger.

Huge Announcement

PAC (Neville) is returning to Defiant. He’s coming home!

Aussie Open def. Alpha Bad

Aussie Open are still the Defiant Tag Team Champions after beating Alpha Bad.

Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis are two of the best tag team wrestlers on the planet, and they once again showed it tonight.

Despite Alpha Bad trying to get the upper hand through devious tactics, they were no match for the Aussies in the end.

They hit Iestyn Rees with the double pump handle slam for the win, and retain their tag belts.

El Phantasmo def. Brent Banks

Wow. What a match.

I’ll tell you what, I’d never heard of Brent Banks before, but I think I’ll be hearing a lot more about him in the future.

Both men are incredibly athletic and wonderful at flying around the ring, and they put everything on the line here.

There were dozens of nearfalls, but it was the British J-Cup winner El Phantasmo than picked up the win, locking Banks in a rear naked sleeper hold.

Cracking match, Gromit.

Time for a break.

Chris Brookes & Millie McKenzie def. SCC

I thought Kid Lykos looked a bit smaller than usual.

The crowd popped huge to see what they thought was Lykos returning, and popped just as huge when it turned out to be Millie McKenzie in disguise!

Brookes and McKenzie worked together brilliantly to see off the threat of SCC, who themselves showed how impressive they are as a duo. In fact, they looked to have the match won with the double stomp into the reverse tombstone, but McKenzie just about managed to break it up.

They eventually won when Millie hit Ashley Dunn with the Canadian Destroyer, which allowed Brookes to pin him.

Up next, El Phantasmo vs Brent Banks.

Rory Coyle def. Gabriel Kidd

Rory Coyle is victorious in his first ever match for Defiant, defeating Gabriel Kidd via count-out.

The two battled back and forth, trading blow after blow until Kidd tried to attack Coyle with a briefcase.

The ref managed to get the briefcase out of his hands, but while he wasn’t looking, Coyle hit Kidd in the face with a video tape, sending him out of the ring for the 10 count.

The real intrigue came after the match, when a video was played announcing the return of Primate. Kidd was visibly terrified to see him back, and rightly so.

They will surely be rekindling their very personal rivalry soon.

Lana Austin def. Kay Lee Ray 

The odds were against former Defiant Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray from the start, as Lana Austin attacked her during her entrance.

From then on it looked like one way traffic, with Austin grinding her opponent down.

But Kay Lee Ray didn’t give up without a fight, and nearly put her opponent away on several occasions. But it was a nice batch of cheating that finally allowed Austin to continue her winning streak.

A ref bump allowed her to hit Kay Lee Ray in the face with a steel chair for the pinfall victory.

Next up is Gabriel Kidd vs. Rory Coyle, who makes his Defiant debut.

David Starr def. Nathan Cruz

We kick off tonight’s action with the ‘Professional’ Nathan Cruz taking on the man with more nicknames than I can even count, David Starr!

After quite a slow-paced start with both men engaging in an impressive technical battle to gain the upper hand, a pretty clear narrative was established, with Starr trying to use his speed and technical ability to evade the power advantage of Cruz.

Crowd favorite Starr also tried to take advantage of the repeated cockiness on display from his opponent, with Cruz even trying to bin the match off at one point, just heading backstage before Starr cut him off and pulled him back to ringside. The ‘Professional’ turned the tables immediately though, almost leading to Starr being counted out.

Things soon slowed back down as a strike-for-strike exchange ensued, with Starr coming out on top and building momentum to head for a potential victory.

The built momentum eventually led to the ‘Product’ locking in a Crossface to pick up the win via submission in the Refuse to Lose opener.

Hello! Welcome to our live results of Defiant Wrestling’s Refuse To Lose show, live from Domain in Newcastle, England.

The card features arguably some of the best indie talent on the planet, and will leave fans drooling at the jowls. Check it out:

Rampage (c) vs John “Bad Bones” Klinger – World Championship

Aussie Open (c) vs Alpha Bad – Tag Championship

Joe Hendry vs Martin Kirby – I Quit Match

Rory Coyle vs Gabriel Kidd

El Phantasmo vs Brent Banks

Lana Austin vs Kay Lee Ray

Nathan Cruz vs David Starr

SCC vs Chris Brookes & ???

We will be bringing you all the latest updates and results from the show throughout the night. Enjoy!


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